The main comment

As a muslim, I am already judged first and foremost by my religion by non muslims. However, this isn’t about that. It’s about the comments I actually receive from muslims like myself — particularly, muslim men.

Generally speaking, I have heard the comment about me going to Hell for not wearing a hijab at least 4 times in my life thus far. Now, while the hijab is an extremely important part of my religion, Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him said for example that those with the highest moral character will go into the highest parts of Heaven. For me personally, my religion always meant to me to have perfect morals. I do know and acknowledge the importance of the hijab, and maybe one day I will wear it, but somehow this comment bothers me. How should any person know where they shall arrive ? Allah (God) is Al Ghafur ar Rahim. The Forgiving, the Merciful. So, I just want to say — any person should first look upon themselves before looking upon others. I have heard multiple stories of women who do wear the hijab and yet when they are married are not virgins. I am not saying this is the case for all — as this is an unfair judgement, but the most hated people on the Day will be those who are double faced — the munfaqeen — the hypocrites. I will gladly admit the flaws in my personality — all of them, but only God knows what is concealed and what is revealed. For God says in surah al baqarah that he will give us our punishment or reward based on what our breasts have earned.

In Islam, the belief is based upon intention. For example — if one sees a celebrity being generous, some people will assume that they have done it for the public eye only, not for the reason of wanting to be nice. However, how should we know what their true intention was? I believe that most people in this world are born to be good. It is the things we do, the people we meet, and etc that actually corrupt the heart. We say that we follow the religion of our friends — now — obviously it is not meant literally but it is the morals of our friends that we follow. Therefore, have good friends. And who is a good friend? Someone who will be there when you need them, give sincere advice when needed, and most of all, will make you wish to do good things in your lifetime that will not only improve your life, but possibly others around you. When we do something to make someone else happy, the heart becomes satisfied.

As salam o alaikum,


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