What they don’t tell you about the Online World

Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Tumblr. Social Media.

Social media has been a very big issue for this generation, but not for the reasons you might think I will discuss. No. It is much bigger than that. When you’re growing up, what’s one of the first things your parents advise you ? “Don’t talk to strangers “, right ? Well, this is my story. I have loved, hoped, grown attached to, and felt at times, addicted to this online life. I never considered it to be a bad thing, adding people on social media sites that are from Morocco, Pakistan, India, Palestine or even.. Egypt. Where I’ve met my first best friend of 7, almost 8, years was Yahoo Messenger. He was 17, I was 13. We were young, innocent. It was destiny somehow — that we met one another. I was in Jordan at the time, visiting family. Then, an event happened in my life to make me delete my Yahoo Messenger account, and we didn’t speak for a while. It wasn’t until my cousins suggested that I make Facebook, that we reunited again. He lives in Egypt now, as a 24 year old doctor. I know some of you guys are probably wondering — How we knew each other this long, without ever falling for each other, or even – How could you remain friends for this long period without a slip in the friendship. Well, it was simple. I trusted him, and he trusted me. I admit I did have a small crush on him for a little period, but it ended in a short time before I could even tell him what was in my heart for him. The only problem was – well – attachments that were grown from people whose faces you’ve never seen, voices you’ve ever heard, or even — what they do on a daily basis. Love, hate — any abstract thing or emotion – is blind. I will admit I have dated some people from the internet – but their intentions were not too good. The relationships were fast, short, and well, as any relationship, filled with hurt, confusion, and lots of wet pillows. Personally, I would say that most of the people to ever come towards my path through this crazy internet world were good people. Yes, I would say there were some pretty bad people to come across it too, but I will admit that sometimes, it was my fault for bringing the faults out of them. The people of the internet have helped me tremendously, and most of my strength I would say, came from my internet friends. Had it not been for them, maybe my dark periods in my life would have defeated me. At some point in my life, I wanted to hurt myself badly, I suppose. However, without the love and support of those people — those people who nothing about me, my life, nor even if I was telling the truth in my appearance – Maybe I would still be in this depression phase until today. I am not saying however, that everyone’s experiences will be the same. For me, I have been lucky – fortunate, even to meet half the people I met in my life. It was a great honor for me, and I know that I wouldn’t be anywhere without them. Many people have come across me in time, and have taught me lessons I didn’t even know I was capable of learning ,but most of all, they taught me with sabr. They taught me with patience. And for that, I can never thank you all enough.

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