Pasta, and why I am glad for it

Pasta seems to be our comfort food nowadays. Of course, when some think of pasta the first word that comes to mind is “Italian”! But for me, it means memories. Pasta is our ultimate food we can do anything with. We can either use it with the traditional red sauce, or we can make it a dessert dish like Giada Di Laureintiis does or even just our home made macaroni and cheese. For me, being in the kitchen has always relieved me of my stress. I know I know, what a fat butt right ? But I think of the greatest joys in life is to be assured that everyone enjoys your food. Food makes us happy, and we all know that too little of it is bad, and too much of it is bad as well. In the film Eat Pray Love, Julia Roberts says a memorable quote that must be shared. She says, “I have no interest in being obese. I am just tired of the guilt. So enjoy your pizza and tomorrow we’ll go buy bigger jeans.” The girl sitting with her, from my memory, a Swedish one, is afraid of a muffin top and Julia Roberts’ character encourages her to eat. In the end, if we don’t indulge a little, what is the point of life? Another famous quote that I cannot head to forget is , “Americans know entertainment, but Italians know pleasure.”  Americans seem to always be worrying about something. Interestingly, a recent statistic shows that third world countries are happier than America is. People who have less than us, have less to give, and don’t have nearly the same luxuries as us are happier than we are. Hearing this statistic disappointed me greatly, but I suppose that could be the reason that I am always begging to leave the country as well. I have the luxury of LEAVING the country for as long as I possibly can, but others do not. I simply think that seeing a different perspective, a different LIFE, is much more grand than living in the same one all the time. I live a good, stable middle class environment, but I would like to see how others are living. And why, indeed, they are thankful if they get one meal a day, and when I am forced to skip one a day I am left with anger and impatience. I think that naturally, Americans are spoiled. Americans don’t nearly know how good they have it, and I would suspect that is why we are not humble and ungrateful. I would like to gain this part of me back. I want to grow up one day and say that I am proud of myself and that I have done something that has greatly impacted my  and other people’s lives. For me, this means that I am able to be happy with all that I have. I have a minor dream in me, that if I were not to become a cardiologist one day, I would become a farmer. I think living on the country side, with the simple life would humble my big head. I don’t think I would mind it one bit. Food has helped me with those little appreciative moments in life, and I have had many great memories with them. Just last week I was cooking in the kitchen with a great friend, and we just laughed for so many of our mistakes. I am grateful for moments like these, for without them I don’t think I would be where I am today.

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