Beauty. Beauty is such a subjective thing, isn’t it ? We are such a biased people, aren’t we? If we see someone who we consider beautiful, we will make a beeline for them to impress them. Well, I want you to consider this. For this person you considered beautiful, versus the person who was, for you, average in appearance who were you able to get to know easier? In the general sense, we all sort of freeze up when we see someone who is shockingly beautiful. I cannot tell you how many times I have blushed, been flustered or couldn’t find the right words when in the presence of someone attractive. However, is this really how one gains a “connection” with someone? The person you were really able to open your heart to.. were they extremely good looking or “average” ? For me, I feel like I have only liked four boys in my entire life. None of them were of the “Tall Dark Handsome” criteria, but they were beautiful to me. Where they were internally is what really hit me. They never left me in my life, ever and in fact they were all incredibly honorable men. However, I guess none of them were the one for me. As E.E. Cummings has said, “I have loved. Let us see if that’s all.” Beauty is about the soul. What is there for all the world to see. One cannot possibly say that this is at least a part of it. Denying another woman because she is not beautiful externally with a good soul versus a woman who is beautiful externally but with no depth is simply not something that is considered to be justifiable. External beauty fades away ultimately, but the internal beauty and soul of love, true love is what will remain. Love is what is always going to remain. We all fall in love, with the hopes of finding our other half. The other part of our soul. Our life. Our being. We take the risks every single time, because on the inside, we all have hope. A boy knows no difference between a relationship and a commitment. A man does. In the end, all a boy and a girl wants is to be loved. Loved for what they act like, how they look in the morning, their errors in character and judgment. External beauty is what attracts the attention of the eyes, but internal beauty is what attracts the attention of the heart.

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